Changing Mindsets for Better Wellbeing


I am privileged as a Clinician to work in the Emergency and Urgent Care Services in the United Kingdom

I see so many patients and families from across the world and from different cultures

I am privileged to interact with the babies, the young, the Middle aged and the elderly. I am more than blessed to be able to interact with men, women of different background
The poor, the rich and the wealthy.

One thing is constant or I have learnt from my interactions over the years;

Everyone yearns to be loved, to be heard and to be understood
Kindness makes a whole lot of difference to someone.
Even the most nasty of them all, becomes the nicest of them all when shown love and kindness and even when they don’t reciprocate, choose to remain kind

Therefore I can boldly infer that:

The major cause of misunderstanding,hate, relationship breakdown, problems between people is rooted in the lack of love, feeling of not being heard, feeling unloved, unappreciated, lack of understanding and lastly unkindness
I believe that’s why the bible says
Love your neighbor as yourself meaning if you do this, you cannot hurt another or mistreat another.

Stop listening to people simply to respond
But listen with the intention to hear them, understand their point of view and actually see where they are coming from.

Stop being hasty in judging people
Stop allowing your ego to control you,
There is no gains in pulling someone else down just to feed your emptiness

Empty and hurt people end up hurting people
People with low self esteem are unappreciative, full of hate and always looking out for others to fall to make themselves happy

Learn to be kind always
Learn to be humane again in a world full of inhumanity

Be the light in this darkness
Someone may need that light to navigate their way out of their darkness . Be kind hearted.


About The Author

Dr Idorenyin Charles - Founder of The Health Gospel

Idorenyin is the Founder and CEO of The Health Gospel. She is an astute Health advocate and Community Leader. A passionate teacher, Educator, and clinician determined to breakdown the religious and cultural barriers that limit the BAME Community and their Health outcomes

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Levi Seashore
Levi Seashore
2 years ago