Changing Mindsets for Better Wellbeing

Challenges are inevitable

As an Emergency physician working in a multicultural community in the Uk
I am privileged to see and discuss with people and patients from most countries of the world.

Europeans, Africans, Asians, Americans and even Scandinavians.
One thing stands out, everyone is facing one challenge or the other. Everyone.

Sometimes very terrible things happen to very good people and vice Versa

Most illness are same all over the world
A Briton can have a heart attack so will an Asian or European or an African

Diabetes in England is same diabetes in Asia, European or Africa and treatment are usually person specific with same classes of diabetic drugs.

So why will an African black church goer suddenly feel his or her diabetes diagnosis is from the devil or an enemy or worse still
The pit of hell?

Why do most Religious folks think that they are too special to have an illness, to go through challenges or to have a bad experience?

Why do religious People believe that they are sickness-proof because they attend church or they are some special breed created by God?

Why do African religious people spend all their time believing that they shouldn’t have any challenges/ ill health because they believe in God hence they waste their time seeking for some abstract cure or miracle instead of facing their illness and managing it?

It is ridiculous and unrealistic to think that way.
It is the biggest mistake religion and indeed Pentecostal movement caused in Africa

As long as you are alive
Challenges are inevitable
Face them and grow
Run away from them and become an easy prey to the charlatans looking for the next victim to deceive and extort.
Worse still many die searching for who caused their illness instead of managing it appropriately.

God can not be mocked
God is too wise to be dragged into your ignorance
God has done all he needed to do for you as a human being by making YOU in his image and giving you a brain to think.

Use it
Be wise
This is Thehealthgospel


About The Author

Dr Idorenyin Charles - Founder of The Health Gospel

Idorenyin is the Founder and CEO of The Health Gospel. She is an astute Health advocate and Community Leader. A passionate teacher, Educator, and clinician determined to breakdown the religious and cultural barriers that limit the BAME Community and their Health outcomes

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