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About the Health Gospel

Meet the Team all about ways to Health & life in the BME community

We are here to promote strategic involvement with Healthcare Providers to bridge communication challenges between the Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) community and healthcare professionals. 

THG provides a safe space to support people struggling with religious, cultural, and emotional trauma.

For the above to happen, we recruit and train volunteers as advisors, advocates, and support people in need of our services.

Here's what Dr. Charles says:

The Health Gospel started on 20th September 2017, born out of a burden for the betterment of the health outcomes of the African community.  The Founder Dr. Charles being an immigrant on a work visa and having your children removed by social services is the worst nightmare any parent can encounter in the United Kingdom

And that is my story and the story of so many other African immigrants like myself. The experience I do not wish on anyone

The reason for the above and most of the challenges encounter following immigration is the lack of proper integration and information.

I have shared my story on a BBC program called The Comb

You can listen to my story by clicking on this link

My experience informed my journey into advocacy, education, teaching, and supporting the African community and families coming to live and work in the United Kingdom.

Helping people to integrate better, helping our community access health and help when needed. Supporting victims of religious abuse, Supporting African asylum seekers and our wider community mostly through education and advocacy.

The root cause of my experience was ignorance, lack of cultural and social integration and lack of information.

I want to ensure as many people as possible do not have same experience as myself and many others. Hence, we are using our expertise and lived experience to educate others. I decided to support more people to better integrate and access help as early as possible ranging from being a parent in the United Kingdom, accessing health services to supporting Africans victims of religious abuse.

Migration comes with many challenges. With my lived experience and the lived experiences of our team, we set out to make sure that our African community can access information as much as they need to help them settle, integrate better and reduce the stress that come with migration.

Meet the team

Dr Idorenyin Charles Itauma - CEO/Founder Director

The Health Gospel Founder

MBBCH, Msc OccMed, NHS Leadership academy award, and Associate Specialist Community Health Services in England.

Idorenyin is the Founder and CEO of The Health Gospel. She is passionate about the Health of the BME Community and how religion has adversely affected health outcomes. She set out to change mindsets around Health, religion, and myth leading to unnecessary death amongst the BME Community by creating awareness, education, training, and mentoring. She is an advocate against religious abuse and the adverse effect of religion on accessing health on time.

She is an astute Health advocate and Community Leader. A passionate teacher, Educator, and clinician determined to breakdown the religious and cultural barriers that limit the BME Community and their Health outcomes

Dr Idorenyin Charles - Founder of The Health Gospel
Dr. Emmanuel Uduh -

Emmanuel Uduh


Physicist with an extensive background in Radiation Medicine

Levi Iheanacho

Media Manager

A freelance web developer, Video Editor, and Social media manager.

Happy Customers

The Health Gospel was created to provide answers to many health questions that people have and to advise people on healthy ways to take care of themselves. We love hearing from our community.

Your videos have really helped me in balancing medical care and wisdom.
Thank God for your life sis... Thank you for all the awareness you are creating ❤
The channel is full of vital information that helps you healthy & free from religious deception. Thank you Dr. Idee
A great blessing to me and my family. Very educative and eye-opening to healthy living & religious manipulation.

What we can Do for You - Our Services

  • Campaign to increase awareness for Covid vaccine uptake.
  • Provide education, awareness, and support to reduce poor outcomes with cancer burden and other chronic illnesses.
  • A champion and voice against religious abuse. 
  • Provide women and children health services to refugees and immigrants
When something is free, we sometimes don't see its value. I've had people say to me, I wish there was Health Gospel a few years ago, I wouldn't have lost my loved one. I would have known what to do.
Dr Idorenyin Charles - Founder of The Health Gospel
Idee charles
Medical Doctor