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Headaches are very common symptoms most of us feel at one point in our lives

There are different types of headaches. That Mr. John has headaches and calls them migraines does not mean the headache you have is also a Migraine Headache.
Many have died because they did not recognise that the headache they have is not a simple headache but a serious headache that should not be ignored.

How do I know if the headache is serious?

They are two groups of headache disorders.
The first group is called Primary headache disorders which include Migraines, Tension headaches, and Cluster headaches.
The second group is called Secondary headache disorders which are headaches caused by an underlying disorder or illness.
These include headaches caused by bleeding in the brain like subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Headaches caused by cancer.
Headache caused by trauma.
Headache following infections like meningitis.

How do I know which group of headaches I have?
Bad headache symptoms include

Headache that is present first thing in the morning
Headaches when you are using the toilet passing stools.
Headache during Sex
Headache associated with vomiting, fever, and maybe neck pains.
Headaches associated with double vision ( seeing an object double).
Headache associated with weight loss.
Headache is present daily and only relieved momentarily by taking medication.
These are headaches that need to be checked by a qualified Medical Personnel.

Many have died because they ignored the headache symptoms as above and will present late to the hospital with a very large tumor in the brain.
Different types of headaches and what to do will be discussed in the next article.


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