Changing Mindsets for Better Wellbeing

Playing Chess with my Son once; What He taught me

My son is good with the chess games
I did try to let him show me a few times but I failed woefully because I don’t know how to play it but then I’m still willing to learn to understand it more with time.
I believe chess is a beautiful game of life

One of those moments he’s tried to teach me
And we were playing
I remember him saying to me;
Mum, do you really want to make that move?
And I said;
What move? I didn’t even know what it mean if I made that move
What will be the result if I make the move?
He said;
The game will be over
And he told me why…

That stuck with me even though I believe he doesn’t even remember this

There are moves you make in life
And the game will be over like OVER

You are done.
You are dip in sh*t

Every move on the chess board is very important
And I see this as our lives too

Every move we make daily
Every choice we make
Every decision we take daily
Every action we take
Every push we make

Either will lead to success or to failure
And the degree of how successful or how much you fail
Depends on how bad your moves or the movement of your parents or grandparents were on life’s chessboard

There are quick fix damage you can make
Easy to correct

And there is irreparable damage xxx
It all depends on how wrong your move was and still is on this chess board called LIFE

My prayer every day for you and for me
Is that we try to make a right move
Or even if we make wrong moves, we identify them on time and quickly have the right mindset to correct them

One of the greatest moves one can make on this chess board is:
Who do you do life with?

If you push the wrong piece in this matter of life partner
It will almost cost your life and everything you hold dear
It is hard to repair this wrong move
Very hard
Mostly when children are involved in it

It’s easier and better to keep your opponent waiting, keep your singleness as long as you can while you decide to make the right move on that aspect of your life’s chess board game (Man and Woman)

I will be back on this
Love always ❤️❤️❤️
Idee Charles