Changing Mindsets for Better Wellbeing

Parenting In the UK event Lincoln, July 2022

One of the Objectives of THG is Community integration.
Parenting in the Uk is one such activities
We create awareness around safeguarding Children, what constitutes Child abuse and why children are removed from homes.

We target new immigrants in our community and also involve already residing Black African Families in and around Lincolnshire

We engage parents on the day by empowering them to become better parents and equipping them with tools to better manage their children in the Uk.

To highlight key aspects of safeguarding Children in the UK
To Educate on the different types of abuse
To answer questions
To signpost where necessary to services available to further support any parent needing assistance
To equip parents with tools to support their children

It will reduce the incidence of Child abuse and removal of children from homes. 
It reduces the burden for Social Services
It broadens the understanding of the parents on the systems and improves community integration.