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STROKE SERIES 4 Stroke treatment, complications, and prevention.Having discussed stroke in detail in the last 3 series, I bet the question on your mind is how it can be treated and how preventable it is. Right? The good news is stroke can be treated. Some cases can be reversed such that the paralysis resolves almost immediately! The […]

STROKE SERIES 3 – Symptoms of stroke.

STROKE SERIES 3 Symptoms of stroke.       Stroke symptoms are numerous and varied. This largely depends on the part of the brain affected and the type of stroke. Stoke may manifest with classic dramatic changes or confusing symptoms. Dramatic because it’s so sudden in someone who was hitherto fit as a fiddle. Confusing because some […]


STROKE SERIES 2 Who is at risk of having a stroke?Last week we started the stroke series where we discussed the burden of stroke and its types. Strokes may affect both the young and elderly. Most people who attribute it to aspiritual attack do so because of the sudden nature of symptoms of a stroke.A stroke […]


STROKE Every year, over 16 million people all over the world suffer a stroke. Stroke is a leadingcause of death and disability worldwide. It is more common in men than in women. In low and middle-income countries like Nigeria, stroke is most common in the middle age group (the forties to sixties) but also seen in young […]