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HYPERTENSION SERIES 5 – How to prevent high BP

HYPERTENSION SERIES 5 How to prevent High BP       Do you know it is possible to prevent hypertension even if your parents are Hypertensive? What can you do to avoid this? Keep reading, as this post is an exposition of specific practices that can help you prevent hypertension. These measures also improve blood […]


HYPERTENSION SERIES 4 Do you have hypertension? “God forbid! It’s not my portion.” She said emphatically, circling her right arm around her head thrice and then snapping her fingers. “Alright, ma’am. Have you ever checked your blood pressure before?” “It’s only the sick that need a physician. I have divine health. Sickness can never come […]


HYPERTENSION SERIES 3       “My head is banging like drummers are hitting it. I can’t really describe how I feel but this headache is very bad. I went to bed early because of this headache and still woke up with it this morning.” After asking a few questions about the headache and other symptoms, the […]


HYPERTENSION SERIES 2       Hypertension is like a rat that is eating up your skin while quietly blowing air on your bitten skin. You don’t feel the pain (no symptoms) but the damage is being done anyway. Uncontrolled hypertension gnaws away at your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, etc. Gradually, it destroys your body organs, but […]


HYPERTENSION Over 40 percent of the adult population has high blood pressure! This means 4 in 10 persons. That’s how common it is.Systemic hypertension is a non-communicable disease in which the blood pressure is persistently higher than the normal range for the age group. What is blood pressure?Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure exerted on blood vessels […]