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COLLAPSED! – Series 4

COLLAPSED! Series 4 Heart and lung diseases can cause a collapse Heart problems are a common cause of collapse. Unfortunately, many heart problems that cause this may not have any symptoms. They are only discovered during a routine check. This article will discuss heart and lung problems that can cause sudden fainting. Heart problems can […]

COLLAPSED! – Series 3

COLLAPSED! Series 3 Brain diseases can cause a collapse.       When someone collapses and you get them to the hospital, your health care provider would want to know if it was a gradual onset or sudden collapse. An eyewitness description of how it happened, how long it lasted, and associated symptoms are helpful […]

COLLAPSED! – Series 2

COLLAPSED! Series 2       In the last post, we explored some of the reasons an individual may collapse. The emphasis was on conditions that reduce the volume of blood and fluid in the body’s circulation. This article will focus on alterations in the normal blood constituents and the accumulation of toxic substances as […]


COLLAPSED! Witnessing an individual collapse and lose consciousness can be a tremendously frightening experience. You may get so confused that in a bid to offer help, you end up doing things that might cause more harm than good to the victim. Are you interested in knowing what to do when this happens? Please continue reading. […]